Digital Billboard Advertising in Charlotte

Bedgood Outdoor is the pioneer in Digital billboard advertising in Charlotte

Our Digital Billboard Specs and Location.

Our digital billboards are 10' x 20' and are located JUST 5 FEET off of the right-of-right on 6-lane Wilkinson Blvd, the high traffic corridor between Charlotte and Gastonia, NC. This close relationship to the highway makes our digitals appear much larger than most of the 10'6" x 36' digitals that are on the Interstates, which are a required 40' setback and in some cases are 200' off the right-of-way. With almost 40 years of experience, we KNOW outdoor advertising...and how to make it work for YOU.

Our digitals are (1) 20mm TV quality and (1) 46mm near TV quality unit. Both display MILLIONS of colors with fascinating brilliance. Outstanding is the only way to describe them.

The Wilkinson Blvd corridor is one of the only two routes connecting Charlotte with Gastonia, NC, the states' 7th largest city. Filled each day with Charlotte commuters, Wilkinson Blvd also carries business and leisure traffic to the nearby Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, located only 10 minutes away. This more affluent traffic is YOUR ticket to advertising success.

For our national advertisers the Lat/Lon of our back-to-back digitals is 35.14'56.61 N 81.04'00.69 W.

Yes. At Bedgood Outdoor we have taken Digital Billboard Advertising several steps further. We are legally permitted to run both ANIMATION and VIDEO on our digitals, creating impact potential unequaled in NC outdoor advertising and the only billboards permitted to do so in the state. We make your billboards COME TO LIFE> We can create 10-sec spots that will help to sell your products and services as well as create a MUCH HIGHER AWARENESS of your business. Long read times and approaches guarantee that your ads can be viewed in their entirety. We can find stock animations and videos that can be adapted to showcase your company at little to no additional charge. We can also use your own custom footage to create an effective and powerful ad. The possibilities are endless.

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